EZ-Link Card Design For Your Business

In Singapore, EZ link cards are a common form of payment for public transport. They are also used to pay for shopping, dining and other services, and are accepted by a number of merchants around the city. If you are a business owner who wants to take advantage of this popular card, you can get your ezlink cards custom-designed to suit your corporate brand.


EZ-Link at https://idealcard.sg/shop/best-sellers/ez-link-card/customised-ezlink-card-as-personal-gift-and-collectibles/ is a stored value contactless smartcard that is used to pay for public transport fares and other services in Singapore. It is promoted by the Land Transport Authority and is used on all forms of public transport in the country, including MRT, LRT, buses, Overground and Tramlink. The card may be topped up with funds either at ticket offices or by debit or credit cards, though cash is gradually being phased out as the primary way of top-up.


The standard EZ-Link card can have single tickets, period tickets or travel permits loaded onto it. Passengers touch the card on an electronic reader when entering and leaving a transport system in order to validate it or deduct funds from the account. They may then tap the card at another EZ-Link reader to complete their journey. Be sure to get more info here!


Since the introduction of the EZ-Link card, usage has grown significantly. Currently, it is the largest transport payment system in Singapore. It is used on most forms of public transport, as well as on the Overground, tramlink and river services. The EZ-Link card is a convenient form of payment, as passengers do not need to carry cash, and can pay a lower fare than with paper tickets.


There are many different types of EZ-Link cards, each of which can have its own unique features and functions. These include the standard blue EZ-Link card, the newer black EZ-Link card, the EZ-Link Flexicard, the EZ-Link Rewards Scheme with Perx card, and the hybrid EZ-Link Card.


EZ-Link has also released special edition cards to mark specific events or occasions. This includes cards to mark the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, and to celebrate the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics in Singapore.


The EZ-Link card has also been used to pay for electronic road pricing and at carparks fitted with the EPS system, and it is also accepted for payment at certain government-run service centres in Singapore.


To celebrate the upcoming Singapore Bicentennial in 2019, EZ-Link is releasing a limited edition ez-link card design featuring four iconic landmarks across Singapore. The four-in-one sets will be available at all TransitLink Ticket Offices and selected SMRT Passenger Service Centres at $12 each, including $7 load value from 9 July onwards.


In addition to this, EZ-Link will give away 54 four-in-one sets with $5 load value in each card in the form of lucky draws through the Rewards catalogue in the EZ-Link app from 1 August onwards.


Getting your company's ez-link cards custom-designed is a great way to promote your business. It allows you to have your company's logo and message printed on the card, giving it a more personal touch that can be seen frequently by your target customers. It can also be a fun way to reward employees and thank them for their hard work! Check out this website at https://www.britannica.com/topic/credit for more info about cards.

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